Thursday, August 1, 2013

Exhibition No.14 By Melissa Pacella

Today marks the first day of Craft Victoria's Craft Cubed Festival 2013 and A Small Space is once again taking part in the creative festivities. 

With over 100 workshops, events, markets, talks, open studios and exhibitions happening all over Melbourne and Regional Victoria, we are proud to be amongst such an outstanding cast of hosts.  

This month, in association with Craft Cubed, we welcome talented Melbourne designer [of many things] Melissa Pacella to A Small Space with her exhibition Swedish Forest. 

'Swedish Forest encapsulates the adventure from child to adult and the appreciation for primary school art class. Travel, adventure and awareness met in a Swedish forest in 2007 - a forest filled with green triangles by a striking indigo blue lake. From that very walk, the memory reached for watercolour and painted triangles en masse to form this piece of Swedish Forest. May this exhibition trigger memories of illustrations from your childhood and moments that brought you to complete awareness.' 

Melissa Pacella is a Melbourne based designer with a passion for painting, illustrating, visual merchandising, cooking and photography. Watercolour is her favourite medium and she finds inspiration in nature, vegetable gardens, kids' books and cooking in her little kitchen. When she isn't putting colour to paper you'd be likely to find her op-shopping, planting something or entertaining the people she loves. 

To learn more about Melissa or to purchase one of her beautiful pieces of work check out her website

Images by Melissa Pacella

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