Thursday, November 14, 2013

Exhibition No.15 By Georgia Harvey

This month we welcome talented ceramist Georgia Harvey to A Small Space with her exhibition "Bilateral" - recent explorations into raku. An investigation into a set of glaze combinations, playing with the transitional zones between melt points, and celebrating the unexpected contributions of the fire.
These flat pieces have two sides – each side comes out of the fire with a different story to tell.

Thematically these pieces are joined by their two-dimensionality. The form really affects the way the glazes behave - one side cops the full brunt of the elements inside the kiln, so the glaze on that side melts at a different rate to the side which faces inwards. Then, when the work from the kiln is pulled at high temperatures to smoke (part of the raku process), one side is smothered in newspaper and sawdust and the other is exposed more to the air. It is the suffocation in the combustible materials that causes the glazes to change colour, so for example a copper blue-green will convert to a bronze or red, so how and where the piece is placed will affect the end results. The two sides of the piece can come out with wildly different results - the way they're presented in the window allows for some of the back side to be seen - Georgia Harvey.

Georgia's exhibition is on now until December 3rd. To learn more about her work visit:

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