Thursday, July 4, 2013

Exhibition No.13 By Grant Osborne

This July we are extremely proud to welcome Grant Osborne to A Small Space with his exhibition Fluro Dreamscape 1. A sculptor, photographer, multi-media artist and filmmaker, it seems like there isn't much Grant can't do. 

By exploring the theme of landscape in a conceptual way, Osborne investigates its dynamics, including the manipulation of its effects and the limits of spectacle based on our assumptions of what landscape means to us. Rather than presenting a factual reality, an illusion is fabricated to conjure the realms of our imagination. 

His sculptures don't reference recognisable form. The results are deconstructed to the extent that meaning is shifted and possible interpretation becomes multifaceted. His works establish a link between landscape's reality and that imagined by its conceiver. 

Grant currently lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. 

Fluro Dreamscape 1 can be viewed at A Small Space until July 31st 2013.

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