Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Exhibition No.8 By Takie

Every month we are overwhelmed with the incredible talent that is featured in A Small Space and this month is no exception. Introducing talented street artist Takie

Takie spent the last couple of years in Melbourne honing her street art aesthetic, returning recently to her hometown of Sydney to take up residence at the Tate Gallery studios where she prepared for her first solo show, 'It's All Yours' in August. Takie's work traverses the spectrum from pieces on found objects, paper and wood to street based paste ups and aerosol work. Bold colours, continuous lines, abstract portraits fall victim to her energetic and unpredictable hand. Takie has exhibited in a selection of group shows, most recently 'Change is a Collaboration' at M2 Gallery, 'Sidewayz Art Exhibition' at Global Gallery, 'Trail Walkers' and 'Print & Staple' at the Tate. Closely linked to Sydney Street Art Project she has showcased her skills in live art shows for clients including Art Series Hotels and Redbull. Her work also features as commissioned murals in venues across Sydney, including Truckstop at Beach Road Hotel, York Lane and Fringe Bar.

Takie blogs as part of the Sydney collective The Opening Hours as well as acting as Sydney correspondent for the popular art webzine Invurt.

Takie's Small Space Exhibition, titled 'SEEMWHYKAY' is an exorcism of her favourite colour way; cyan, magenta, yellow and black. The expected colour drains away to pool on the floor as bricks. Leaving portraits of pivotal men who invite you into their black and white space on Smith Street. An ode to where it all began. 

Learn more about Takie and her work here:

INSTAGRAM: @takie_takie

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