Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Exhibition No.9 By Charlotte Swiden

We feel rather privileged to be featuring talented designer Charlotte Swiden this month. Founder and designer behind Swiden Design, Charlotte creates beautiful, playful products for your home and everyday living.
Charlotte Swiden was born and raised on the southern shores of Sweden where she spent most of her days climbing trees, eating strawberries and looking forward to summer. Charlotte's designs and creative techniques have been greatly influenced by her Swedish heritage and love of nature. Like most Swedes she likes order, structure, white space and more white space. 
Now living in Melbourne, Australia, Charlotte can be found in her studio working on a wide range of projects whilst being a Mum to her little boy Lukas. Preferring to work with her hands, Charlotte's work utilises a variety of techniques including drawing, hand painting, cutting and pasting. 
Charlotte give us the story behind her newest project 'Sprattelgubbar' for A Small Space. "My Dad was telling me a great story of how he used to make 'sprattelgubbar' for his twin cousins. Inspired, of course I had to try and make my own version of these traditional toys. Sprattelgubbe sort of translates to 'wiggle man' but the English name seems to be Jumping Jack."
Come see these little men and women at A Small Space from December 5th 2012 to January 8th 2013. In the meantime make sure you check out Charlottes beautiful website and online store here.


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