Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Exhibition No.7 By Brooke Holm

We are so delighted to announce that this month A Small Space is featuring a truly stunning exhibition by talented photographer Brooke Holm.

The Woods by Brooke Holm is a beautifully curated collection of photographs that showcase Holm's love and fascination with mountains and the wilderness that surrounds them. 

"Mountains are rather significant to me. I can't describe the overwhelming feeling I get when I see them or when I'm near them. The wind in my face as I stand near the edge, the strong sense of calm that radiates from them and the understanding and challenging of one's place in the world… I could never explain it through words, but maybe through photographs… they are pure freedom." 

Holm's exhibition will have you daydreaming of your next escape to the mountains. But if a getaway is not something that can be seen in your near future then thankfully Holm's stunning photography can be admired and better yet it can also be purchased. 

Visit www.brookeholm.com.au for more information as well as www.etsy.com/shop/takemetothemountains for purchasing enquires. 

The Woods by Brooke Holm runs from Tuesday, 2nd October 2012 to Tuesday, 6th November 2012 at A Small Space. 

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