Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Exhibition No.11 By Katie Dello

Katie Dello is one of those people who effortlessly manages to work on a variety of projects all at the same time. Together with an incredible eye for detail and a wealth of creative industry experience she really is an inspiration [and a super lovely person to match]. A Visual Merchandiser by trade, Katie has worked in the fashion industry for 15 years. Within that time she has been fortunate to travel the world and work with some inspirational people.

Amongst her full time career as a Visual Merchandiser she also creates beautiful macramé installations. What started as just a hobby has developed into a love of creating beautiful installations that inspire people and make them think ‘I want to make those’! 

Having been taught the basics of macramé by her mother many years ago, she decided to team up with a fellow macramé enthusiast Kashia Kennedy to teach a class for their friends as a test run. Since then the workshops have taken off and together they have formed Top Knot Workshops.

This month A Small Space features a snippet of Katie’s fantastic macramé skills. Her installation runs through to April 9th so make sure you check it out. Some of Katie’s work can be purchased from Erax March on Smith Street [only a few doors down from A Small Space]. Her work can also be viewed at The Fair Foodstore and Two Birds One Stone.

Macramé workshops hosted by Katie and Kashia are currently being held at The Fair Foodstore in Richmond. To find out more about the workshops follow Top Knot Workshops on Facebook or email Katie at

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